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Our Approach To Learning

澳门葡京博彩软件的文科框架为学生提供了一个关于世界过去的有效视角, present and future. 学生们在七个主要的知识领域学习:文学, historical studies, social science, natural science, mathematics and analytic philosophy, the arts and a foreign language.

Seven Fields of Knowledge

Each discipline within the liberal arts framework offers students a valid perspective on the world’s past, present and future. 因此,我们建议学生在以下各个领域进行学习.

  • Literature, either in English or in some other language, because it is a crucial form of expression, contributes to our understanding of human experience and plays a central role in the development of culture;
  • Historical studies, either in history or in historically oriented courses in art, music, religion, philosophy and theatre, because they provide a perspective on the development of human society and culture and free us from the parochialism of the present;
  • Social science, 因为它对人性进行了系统而批判性的探究, social institutions and human relationships;
  • Natural science, because of its methods, 它对我们理解周围世界的贡献及其在现代文化中的重要性;
  • Mathematics and analytic philosophy,因为它们培养了对形式、理性思维的本质和运用的理解;
  • The arts, because they constitute the media through which people have sought, through the ages, to express their deepest feelings and values;
  • A foreign language, because it frees one from the limits of one’s own tongue, 提供接触另一种文化的途径,并使自己所在社会之外的交流成为可能.

Students who wish to become eligible for Latin Honors at graduation or who wish to have Liberal Arts Commendation indicated on their transcripts must elect at least one course in each of the seven major fields of knowledge.

The Writing Intensive Requirement

Each first-year student is required, during their first or second semester at Smith, 完成至少一门写作强化(WI)课程,成绩达到C-或更高.

At the core of Smith’s Writing Intensive requirement is the faculty’s shared conviction that thinking and writing are indispensably linked, 当你开始你的大学生涯时,共同努力促进学生的智力发展. We write to generate ideas; we write to test the value of those ideas against the standards of evidence and clarity demanded by the liberal arts disciplines; and we write to communicate our thoughts and convictions to an array of audiences both in and beyond the classroom.

Writing Intensive (WI) courses embrace the responsibility to prepare students for the writing tasks they will encounter as their intellectual careers at Smith unfold. Accordingly, first-year students in WI courses learn how to ask questions; to observe closely; to interrogate assumptions; to gather, analyze and present evidence; and to make careful, evidence-based arguments through writing. 他们通过参与起草和及时修改的过程来磨练这些技能, discriminating feedback from peers and instructors. Students can expect their WI courses to help them to:

  • articulate a thesis or central argument, or to create a description or report, with an orderly sequence of ideas, effective transitions, and a purpose that is clear to the intended audience;
  • support an argument or enrich an explanation with evidence;
  • compose paragraphs that are focused and coherent;
  • develop an awareness of library-supported research tools, 以及为学术工作寻找和评估相关第一手和第二手资料的能力;
  • incorporate the work of others (by quotation, summary or paraphrase) concisely, productively, and with attention to the models of citation of the various disciplines and with respect for academic integrity;
  • 编辑工作,直到它有力地和有说服力地传达其意义.

然而,没有一种方法可以学习深入思考和有力地写作, students can count on WI courses to:

  • be small enough to permit meaningful and consistent attention to the writing process (no WI course or WI section of a larger course may have more than 20 students, and most will have fewer);
  • offer an array of discrete writing assignments and opportunities during the course of the semester (rather than a single, longer paper or project);
  • and offer significant opportunities to revise work, guided by feedback from both instructors and peers.

Beyond these shared commitments, 学生可能会发现他们的WI课程将采用各种各样的教学策略(非正式写作), writing workshops, etc.); that the writing opportunities it provides may be shaped by the intellectual values and practices of a particular academic discipline; and that the course may offer opportunities to write in the public-facing genres (e.g.(如专栏文章、立场文件、博客文章)或一系列媒体平台(如.g.(播客、网站、视频文章),这些都是今天写作发挥作用的地方. 一年级学生被邀请提交他们在WI课程中写的优秀论文 Smith Writes.

The required WI course is the beginning, not the culmination of a student’s writing life at the college. Just as one’s thinking and learning is never finished, working on the writing that enables that thinking and learning will continue across each student’s years at Smith, whether within the major or in the curriculum at large. For students working on an essay or a lab report, 对于设计写作作业或重新思考写作在课程中的作用的教师来说, the Jacobson Center for Writing, Teaching, and Learning offers resources and the advice of professional writing instructors and well-trained peer tutors to advance and enrich your writing at Smith all along the way. For consultation on the research process for papers and projects, 请学生和教师发电子邮件或与图书馆的 Research Services and to review Library Guides for subject-specific primary and secondary sources.

Each first-year student is required, during their first or second semester at Smith, 完成至少一门写作强化(WI)课程,成绩达到C-或更高. 根据他们的熟练程度,学生将被引导到特定的写作课程. Ada Comstock Scholars and transfer students are also required to complete at least one Writing Intensive course, with a grade of C- or higher, during their first two semesters at Smith. The Writing Intensive requirement can be satisfied before matriculation based on transcript review by the registrar, in conjunction with the Committee on Writing and Public Discourse.

The Freedom To Explore


近一半的澳门葡京博彩软件学生主修STEM领域——几乎是全国女性平均水平的两倍. See what studying STEM at a women’s college is all about.

Student working on a math equation at a blackboard


Humanities are so much more than what’s in the classroom. At Smith, 参加我们的人文和社会科学(HSS)实验室之一,并更广泛地应用你的学习.


Five Colleges, One Education

Incorporated in 1965, Five Colleges, Inc.是美国高等教育界历史最悠久、最受推崇的财团之一. Its members are four private colleges (Amherst, Hampshire, Mount Holyoke and Smith)和马萨诸塞大学Amherst (UMass). As a student in the Five College system, you may choose from more than 5,000 undergraduate course offerings a year. Fare-free buses provide transportation day and night.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the course load at Smith?

为了从澳门葡京博彩软件毕业并获得文学学士学位,学生必须修满128个学分. Thirty-six to 48 of these credits must be chosen to satisfy the requirements of the major field; 64 credits must be chosen from outside the major department. First-year students must take a writing intensive course, chosen from a number of options.

In order to graduate with Latin Honors a student must elect at least one course in each of the seven fields of knowledge: literature, historical studies, social science, natural science, mathematics and analytical philosophy, the arts and foreign language.

The requirements differ for those who choose to seek a bachelor of science in engineering.

When do I declare a major?

A major must be declared during the fall or spring of sophomore year, or before a student begins junior year. 然而,许多大一新生入学时对专业有强烈的偏好, at least as many others arrive undecided, and many students change their minds once they start exploring areas of the curriculum that are new to them. In fact, you are encouraged to be flexible about your course choices, 去发现新的领域,去寻找能以新的方式运用你的才能和智慧的学科.

While we prefer you declare your major in your sophomore year, 注意你感兴趣的专业的课程要求是很重要的, 比如出国留学项目或者健康方面的职业培训项目. These programs may have specific requirements that you must consider when choosing your courses for this year. 欲了解更多信息,请在新生培训或今年秋天与这些项目的代表交谈.

How many majors are offered?

See Courses of Study for a complete listing of majors. 虽然这不是一个容易的过程,但如果一个学生想设计自己的专业,她可以这样做. She must obtain the approval of the Subcommittee on Honors and Independent Programs of the Committee on Academic Policy. 学生设计的专业必须与现有专业有很大的不同.

What about minors and concentrations?

See Courses of Study for a complete listing of minors. 学生可以修一门辅修课程,包括五到六个学期的课程. Minors are offered by some departments and by groups of faculty members who combine courses intoan interrelated field of study.

也有学术集中,让学生组织学术和实践经验, such as internships and service learning, around an area of interest. See Courses of Study for a complete listing of minors and concentrations.

What is the average class size?

The average class size is 19.

What is the student/faculty ratio?

The student/faculty ratio is 9 to 1. 学生在课堂内外都与教师互动. 教师有办公时间,学生可以在此期间访问并提出有关课程的问题. Faculty are also available by individual appointment. 许多学生和教师在非学术领域互动,包括在学生宿舍吃饭和喝茶.

When do I select my classes?

New students select their classes during orientation, which takes place the week before school begins. Every first-year student is assigned a Liberal Arts Adviser. Your adviser will have from eight to 10 advisees and will remain your adviser until you declare your major and ask a faculty member in your major department to be your adviser. During orientation your Liberal Arts Adviser will talk with you about your interests and goals and help you select a workable course load from the more than 1,000 courses we offer.

What are the most popular majors at Smith?

Economics, psychology, government, biology and art.

Will I be able to study abroad?

Smith offers a wide range of study abroad programs, from the Smith-run programs in western Europe to Smith-affiliated and Smith-approved programs all over the world. 澳门葡京博彩软件教授在佛罗伦萨、汉堡、日内瓦和巴黎指导课程. Each of these programs is for a full academic year. Smith also has a formal affiliation with programs in Japan, China, Rome, Spain, South India and Russia. Students may also arrange to study abroad on one of over 100 additional programs that have been approved by Smith.

Students participating in Smith-approved international study programs are billed and financial aid is available to them as if they are on campus. 澳门葡京博彩软件将直接支付留学项目的学费和费用. 学生负责假期期间的所有费用和旅行.

General Requirements

每个学生都有责任了解有关课程和课程注册的所有规定, and is responsible for planning a course of study in accordance with those regulations and the requirements for the degree.

The requirements for the undergraduate degree are:

  • Minimum 128 credits of academic work. (See Degree Restrictions.)
  • Cumulative grade point average of 2.所有机构工作(包括澳门葡京博彩软件海外项目和五所学院交换项目)0.
  • Completion of a major.
  • 在入学的第一年完成了一门写作强化课程,成绩令人满意(C -或更好).
  • Four semesters of academic work, a minimum of 64 completed credits, in academic residence at Smith College in Northampton. 其中两个学期必须在大三或大四期间完成.
  • 文学学士:完成本专业以外的64学分的学术工作(64-Credit Rule).
  • 理学学士学位:理学学士学位的额外要求列在 Smith College Course Catalog (under "Engineering") and on the Picker Engineering Program website.

  • 有限数量的绩效学分可以计算在学位中:

    • Exercise and Sport Studies (ESS): maximum of 4 credits
    • Music (MUS): maximum of 24 credits
    • 舞蹈(DAN):非舞蹈专业最多12学分,舞蹈专业最多20学分

    Courses completed beyond these limits are listed on the transcript but are not counted towards the degree.

  • A maximum of 16 credits of optional Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U) grades may be counted toward the degree.
  • 该学位最多可计入16个特殊课程学分.
  • A maximum of 12 approved summer school credits and a maximum of 12 approved interterm credits at Smith or elsewhere may be applied to the degree, with an overall maximum of 32 credits of combined summer, interterm, AP and other pre–matriculation credits.